Sunday, January 9, 2011

Time Capsule Transmissions From 8 Year Old Me

My father and I found this in the basement yesterday, dated from January, 1996:

The Weirdo Balloon

By David Toropov
A David Toropov Production

When a balloon gets caught in a tree, it gets very unstinkable. But this tree was stinkable, so the balloon got stinkalble, so everybody got up on this balloon and said PEE YEW I’m getting out of here!

“Get out of here, stinky balloon!”

And then it got very weird. So that’s when they called it the stinky weirdo balloon.

Maybe you’ll say, “Don’t write that! THAT’S WEIRD!”

Well, I told you that it was weird. If you didn’t want a weird story, you shouldn’t have started reading the book!

The End

We also found this:
If you look at this for too long, your brain will explode.


iwordsmithsupport said...

Wow! how did you get the actual photos of the actual unstinkable balloon?

Danielle said...

News flash: My brain DID explode. And only after it exploded did I have the chance to read your warning. THANKS FOR NOTHING.