Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Middleclass Haunt Presents: The Avalanches Mixes

It was reported earlier this year that The Avalanches are expected to finally release a follow-up to 2001's Since I Left You, one of Middleclass Haunt's favorite albums of the past decade, at some point in the year 2009. The album was supposedly dropped off at Modular's front door on Christmas Day, but considering how long it's been since the band's official website has seen any updates or news about the album, I'm slightly skeptical. Perhaps I'm just afraid to get my hopes up, but eight years is a long time to go in between albums, especially in following up a debut record.

To celebrate the even-possibly-tentatively-awesome news of another Avalanches record, I've taken the liberty to compile my favorite Avalanches mixes, none of which have seen physical release, from across the web and distribute it to the masses. Some of this material, "Some People" and "Gimix" especially, are on par with the quality of Since I Left You, and contain some serious adrenaline rushes. Spread the music, my friends, and hopefully The Avs will hear the call and finally put out this motherfucking record.

Get a drink, have a good time, and welcome to paradise.

  1. Ray of Zdarlight (4:42)
  2. Some People (44:02)
  3. A Different Feeling (Paperclip People Remix) [Avalanches Edit] (4:10)
  4. Gimix (46:00)
  5. Brains (Teazer) (23:11)
  6. Together/My Bloody Valentine (3:33)
Total Time: 2 hours, 5 minutes

Download Here (MP3, 224 kbps VBR) (via FileFactory)

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