Saturday, March 14, 2009

Essential Live: Elliott Smith - At The Tabernacle (Atlanta, GA) [10/21/00]

Until the day of his death, Elliott Smith had an uncanny ear for melody, no doubt a result of his heavy Beatles influence, and was honest and naked in almost all of his work. This edition of the Essential Live series is a show of his following the release of Figure 8, and has a top-notch setlist that covers almost every period in Smith's career to that point, including rare electric versions of "Needle in the Hay" and "Clementine." Later, I'll be uploading a compilation of Elliott's live Beatles covers and his last Basement Demo recordings before his death, so if you're into this, check back later for that.

Elliott Smith - At The Tabernacle (Atlanta, GA)
Performance Date: October 21st, 2000
  1. Needle in the Hay
  2. Son of Sam
  3. Division Day
  4. Can't Make A Sound
  5. Clementine
  6. Waltz #2 (XO)
  7. LA
  8. Lost & Found
  9. Ballad of Big Nothing
  10. Independence Day
  11. Speed Trials
  12. Bled White
  13. Stupidity Tries
  14. Coming Up Roses
  15. Everything Means Nothing To Me
  16. Twilight
  17. Color Bars
  18. Say Yes
  19. Nighttime/Thirteen (Aborted)
  20. Angeles
  21. Fond Farewell
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