Friday, March 13, 2009

New Music: Brooklyn (Go Hard) - Mos Def

Although it barely stretches over three minutes and Mos Def rhymes over only one verse, this track manages to land a pretty powerful punch. It's the second remake of Jay-Z 's already classic "Brooklyn (Go Hard)," the first being Raekwon's successful stab at turning it into a Staten shout-out with "Staten (Go Hard)," and Mos Def stands in contrast with Jay and Raekwon in using a much looser, more playful flow. Perhaps the "Brooklyn" beat will just join "Hustlin'" and "Swagga Like Us" in being one that everyone freestyles over to sound bad-ass. I mean, I like Mos Def's version a lot, but I guess I'm supposed to.

Mos Def - Brooklyn (Go Hard)
Download Here (via Sharebee, props to Nah Right)

Raekwon - Staten (Go Hard)
Download Here (via zShare)

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