Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Luda La Vida Remix - AyPerskAy

I've searched around the net for a lot of remixes, and the universal law I've been able to come up with is that Jay-Z and Ludacris will sound epic on top of nearly anything. It's extremely difficult to screw up when you have Hova spitting out a tincture of autobiographies and street metaphors, and Ludacris has so much confidence in his southern drawl -- he could inspire ghettos to start uprisings. So when I was exploring the myspace page of Chicago DJ and mashup artist Ayperskay and found an entry entitled "Luda La Vida Remix", I raced to it. It's prime Luda layered over Coldplay's grammy nominated "Viva La Vida" single and sugary techno pop sample goodness. This is primo.

Ayperskay - Luda La Vida Remix (Click to Download)

Ayperskay has also just released his first mixtape, you can find it here at Blacklabelled.com.

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